Rabu, 12 April 2017

My Point of View in Dewa Athena

My Point of View in Dewa Athena
A SMA Negeri 3 Bandung Sport Event

            So, every school (probably only in Indonesia I guess. I never heard anything like this from the outside of Indonesia) usually has an annual event of sport. In SMA Negeri 3 Bandung we called it as Dewa Athena (Funnily enough it stands for Olimpiade Siswa, Ajang Tunjuk Kebolehan, Eksistensi, dan Kebersamaan Siswa (means: Student’s olimpic, the event for showdowns, existence, and students togetherness)). It was held for 5 days, 2 days is for the freshmens (10th graders qualifier), 2 days for the 11th graders, and a day for semifinal and Final (which leads to 10th grader aghainst 11th grader).
            Dewa Athena 2017 was held at (for 10th graders, because I am a freshmen) 25th March, 1st April, 8th April.
            25th March, The first day of Dewa Athena. I didn’t participate at anything. Because, I didn’t even come there. The reason is I need to attend a symposium. The symposium is about martial art called Aikido. I already paid for it, so what is my reason to not come and take the symposium. The symposium tooks quite a lot of time, it starts from 8 A.M. till 4 P.M. . After the a lot of exercise in the symposium, I am just too tired and trying to prepare for the next day. Because in the next day I had the exam to upgrade my belt or kyu.
1st April, The second day of Dewa Athena. My friends brought us to the victory. However, the girls in my class got eliminated in every subject. By the way, I didn’t come to the event again. At the morning I felt a bit dizzy. But I did come to school to attend the religion class. After the class, my head is just feel a lot dizzier and I felt I almost fall. So I decide to just go home and take a rest.
           8th April, The third day of Dewa Athena. If you think I didn’t come to the event again, you’re wrong. I did come. In the morning we are asked to come at 6.30 A.M. to ride a bike around Bandung. Later on, people were late and the ride is postponed for 1 hour. We ride around Bandung from 7.30 A.M. to 10 A.M. . On the way, 1 of my friend stopped. He is Gregory, his bicycle chain is stuck between the gears and the bicycle frame. Sadly there’s no spanner or y key to loosen the nut that locks the frame from the tyre. So, he is picked up by one of the committee that ride a motorcycle and take his bike along to the rendezvous point.
       Later on, I participated in the finals of dodgeball and soccer. I neither do good. I am just a burden that carried by my friends. And then my friend told me to not think about that and just take it as a fun thing to do. I get slightly better at the game and in my mind I achieved equanimity. Finally, we won the soccer final although we lost the dodgeball one.

      Well, I didn’t participate a lot in the event. But, I enjoyed the time when I participate. Thankfully it’s all because of my friends (and fate which has been set by God)

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

Crossword Puzzle

  1.     A name of a city in Canada
  2.     An acronym for a football club
  3.     A male descendant in a family tree
  4.     A node to connect a electricity flow
  5.     If we are working as a security guard, what we should do is staying …
  6.     One of well known car manufacturer
  7.     No Sound heard
  8.     A part of fish’s body
  9.     An acronym for No Problem
  10.   A binocular or scope is used for …
  11.    Different
  12.    Known in the music world
  13.     Rest in Peace
  14.   Something that’s used to change the usage of is / are / was etc. (2) 
  15.  A Nickname for a basketball club in Miami (4)

1.     4K ,1080p, 720p,360p, 240p, 144p is … of video
2.     Arabian currency is…
3.     Blank
4.     Synonym of ghost
5.     A chapter in the bible
6.     High moral standard an ethical person
7.     Synonym of confused
8.     The longest word that you can write in the first line [QW…OP] of the keyboard
9.     A thick paper
10.                     When you alreadydid something
11.                     One of uncommon animal in Indonesia (Uncommon, not rare)

12.                      Puberty

Kamis, 23 Februari 2017

Learning from Nature

Learning from Nature

Learning from nature”, it was a quite hard question that actually has a simple answer for it. But, everyone will have their own answer, because of different perspective about how each of them see the world of nature.
            Nature is one of the best kind of gifts that God gave to us. Nature provide us a shelter, a place to call home. Without nature, we won’t have resources to build our shelter or even a land to build on or even to stand on. Nature gave us all, from food, water, friends (animals or humans), to technology and knowledge.
            Why technology and knowledge? Because, our knowledges are based from nature. For example, we learn about Newton Law right? Newton himself could think about ‘Newton Law’ because he was inspired by an apple falling off from the tree, which as we all know apple tree is part of nature. Another example, plane wing structure and the plane itself was made by Wright Brothers, they were inspired from birds that could fly and their wing structure which could hold themselves in the air.
            From those examples above, we now understood that there’s a lot of things that you could learn from nature. You can learn everything, but there won’t be anything to learn if nature is gone. “Nature could vanish because of humans” this is the prophecy that people talks about and it could happen if us, Humans keep destroying the nature.
            From all of the things above, I conclude this as we really need nature so much, we as humans couldn’t survive this world if there’s no nature. If we somehow survive the world without nature (or atleast we have only a bit of it), we are dying inside. Because we can’t learn anything, which could lead us to a really bad and dark future. For example we only know about eating, drinking, and doing excretion. We could die because several issues like cholera, the chaos from peoples hunting for food supplies, insomnia (because of thinking about depressing thoughts when you’re asleep), etc.

            So from my point of view, learning from nature is thinking about everything from different point of view. Most of the time, a new knowledge is hidden inside the nature or it’s already reveals itself, but people wasn’t aware of it so they didn’t even think about it. The most important thing to extract a new knowledge from the earth is “Protecting the nature with all cost”.

Rabu, 25 Januari 2017

My Last Holiday


Well hello internet, now I am going to tell about my last holiday (last here doesn’t literally means last, it means the newest (just in case and to fill up some space hehehe))
            My last holiday was slightly different from my usual holiday. My usual holiday contains me went to my grandparents place and just playing games, helping my parents to clean up there, anything without getting out from the house too far.
            In my last holiday as I said before, it’s slightly different. I went to my grandparents place at East Java. BTW, before I went there I need to wait for a statement that declares me that I didn’t need to take short semester. Well, I was quite lucky that I didn’t get short semester.
            I reach my grandparents house in December 25th, 2016. In there, I wasn’t go for a total game. Mostly I stay in home, help my mom cook some cookies, and learning how to make good drawings, or just playing Vain Glory in my phone.
Couple of times, I am asked to go out and try to learn how to ride a car and motorcycles. Well, because this wasn’t my first time to ride them. My dad asked me to ride it on semi offroad area. I didn’t get too much trouble on doing that. In my thoughts I just think about this sentence, ” Relax, If you do the thing that’s asked to you. You will be fine.” And it works like a charm.
I am going back to Bandung at January 3rd, 2017 (and reaches Bandung at January 5th, 2017). Because I have an event for my club (which is KIT) at January 5th, 2017. The event is quite bad while it’s being fun. In the event we are just playing a boardgame called ‘KOMODITI’, it’s a business game we spent 1 hour just to learn about the game then we played it for 25 minutes. Then, we are eating noodles as our lunch (which is 1 of the bad side of the event). While me and 1 of my friend that wasn’t muslim cooks the noodles, my other friend fulfill their responsibility to pray. After we are eating, we play UNO Stacko for 1 hours. After that, our senior teaches us about how to use a game making app called “Scratch”. We are asked to make a snakes and ladders. Finally, we talked about the club and go to our home.
I spent the rest of my holiday sitting in the front of computer playing a game called “Insurgency”. Which is a tactical FPS, I just bought it in steam winter sale (Steam gave 80% discount on insurgency, I bought 4 pack so it’s cheaper and I could gift other 3 to my friends)

Sabtu, 24 September 2016

Suramadu Bridge

Now, I am going to tell you guys about Suramadu Bridge. So, Suramadu Bridge is a bridge that connects Java Island and Madura Island.

The location of Suramadu Bridge is at the Pointer.

This is the closer version of it

So the bridge is near the Surabaya harbor. The bridge is at the east of the harbor. This bridge is inaugurated to built by Megawati Soekarnoputri at 20th August 2003 and it’s inaugurated for opening by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at 10th June 2009

This bridge is made to make encourage and make the growth of Madura faster and it’s used for transporting people from Madura Island to Java Island and the other way around.

It has the length of 5.438 metres. This bridge is divided on 3 sections, that is: main bridge, approach bridge, and causeway . Approximately 4.5 Trillion Rupiah (around 343 Million USD) used for this bridge.

Suramadu Bridge

The name Suramadu comes from the islands that this bridge connects. Surabaya and Madura.


So I am going to tell you guys about MEGANTARA. MEGANTARA is an event made by SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. For students of SMA Negeri 3 especially for the freshmans, this event is a must. Because our marks of sports lesson depends on it too. BTW, I need to attend it because I was a performer for fashion show.

Altough I am a performer. I must buy the ticket for it. I was performing as Middle Kalimantan.

When I was performing I did an “ukemi”. “Ukemi” means front roll, it’s used to break fall. I thought that would increase my point in fashion show. But I think no, the judge just counts score from how perfect that we remodel the real traditional outfit.

Let’s talk about MEGANTARA. MEGANTARA is a social festival about Indonesian culture. That’s why the places is separated to couple sections. It’s divided by 5 Indonesian’s main islands. In here we asked some artist to join like Changcuters and RAN. In my opinion MEGANTARA was a successful event. There’s a lot that you do there. Like watching the performers, taking selfies, taking photos in photo booth, enjoying foods there, and many more. MEGANTARA was on air at ARDAN Radio.

I was waiting for T’sT performance, but sadly I must go back to school to change my suit. I miss 80% of the show. :’(
After T’sT performance I went home because I think the event gonna be so late and I didn’t want to sleep too late.

Rabu, 21 September 2016


it's an event in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, WT TF is an acronym for World Tournament Techno Festival

This event is only for the students of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. This event was pretty well made. However, this event doesn't look like a festival for me. It's just couples of games combined in 1 event and some of it was about technology. Then we collect some puzzle pieces and combine it together as 1 big picture.

That's the simple explanation.

Well the full version of mine is below,

So, we are gathered at 6.30 as usual. At first I was wondering about my Christian's friends because early in the morning I read that they are going to go to WT TF after the religion subject. I figured out that they really came at 10.00 AM.

Around 7.30AM we was given some clues about where we should go for the games. We are having a lot of fun since that moment. Then, I was asked to do 1 of the games, the game was some riddles about technology nowadays and with some help of my class I could finish the game as a winner #YAY

After that I need to go to the religion subject class...

After the class (it's about 11.30) we decided to wait for our class in the canteen because the dispensation was until lunch break finished. After lunchbreak we continued our journey to finish this games. I was chosen to represent my class again by eating "hot" fried noodles. I was lost because my strat was wrong because I just eat the noodles instantly and I can't swallow it (or even chew it a bit). The noodles wasn't that hot it's just hard to chew because you are eating it instantly. Then we are gathered back to Bali's Field. In there we are asked to chase "aliens" and steal their puzzle pieces. I grabbed 1 of them but he decided to duck quickly so I just thrown mid air. Thanks to my martial arts lesson I could avoid injuries.

Then we are making a big picture of an astronaut by those puzzles pieces. After that the event is closed by last riddles from the old OSIS team.